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I'm a leader, software engineer, writer, mentor, and podcaster. I work towards creating great and hi...  
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Dec 02, 2021
Dec 02, 2021
Published an article
More than a year ago, I had burnout. One of the contributors to my burnout was blaming myself for all the mistakes I've made earlier. In a way, I took all the responsibility for mistakes, which I shouldn't have done at that level. Although this behavior had a significant impact on me, it also substantially influenced others around me.

The new post is just about that, and it's a short one.

I'm Sorry. The Project is Delayed, and It's All My Fault

Nov 30, 2021
Nov 30, 2021
Published a newsletter
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Mektup #19: How to Prepare for Your Annual Review

Nov 23, 2021
Nov 23, 2021
Hosted a podcast
On the season finale of the Software World, I welcome Jesper Dramsch, Scientist for Machine Learning in the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMRWF) and Geophysicist.

In our conversation, Jesper talks about the differences between Machine Learning and Data Science, how to enter the field, how life scientists shift their focus to Data Science.

We talk about how businesses should approach data as the processes and methodologies are completely different from software engineering.

Listen to the episode here 👇.

#26: Machine Learning and Data Science with Jesper Dramsch

Nov 18, 2021
Nov 18, 2021
Published an article
I've recently finished the book Worth Doing Wrong by Arnie S. Malham. I found out about this book when I was searching for books related to changing the culture at work. After keeping it on my wish list on Amazon, my manager bought it as a job anniversary gift. So, I gave it a read.

Here are my notes and review of Worth Doing Wrong.

Worth Doing Wrong Book Summary, Review, and Notes

Nov 16, 2021
Nov 16, 2021
Published a newsletter
I've sent the 18th issue of my newsletter. This time it was with a twist.

Mektup #18

Nov 11, 2021
Nov 11, 2021
Published an article
In the remote work in the middle of the pandemic, I try a few things to survive and excel at work. Deep work is one of them. The idea is simple:
Choose one topic and grab a pen and paper (not a phone), and take a walk, preferably in nature, a park, or a calm area where you won't have distractions.

Read more about creativity, time, and deep walks in the new blog post.

Csikszentmihalyi, Newport, and Pressfield on Creativity, Time and Deep Walks in Remote Work

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